Frequently Asked Questions

As Global Ambassadors of Family Skiing™, we’re launching a platform to introduce 1 million new families to the sport of skiing!

Family Ski Days are an opportunity for you to come ski with The Big Ski Family at various ski resorts around the world. To learn more about Family Ski Days, click here

Yes! Just use your Ikon Pass or purchase a lift ticket from the resort and join us at our meet up spot. We can’t wait to connect! To learn more about Family Ski Days, click here

Our plan is to have four different meetup opportunities throughout the day for each specific Family Ski Day location. Here’s an example of how the day might roll out:

  • – Meetup #1 @ 10am: Meet at a designated Low Intermediate Run – Groomers. We’ll wait 15 minutes before loading the lift and skiing the designated run for the next 2 hours, until 12 noon.


  • – Meetup #2 @ 12pm Noon: Meet for lunch at a designated location at the lodge. You can bring your own lunch or buy your lunch and meet us for 1 hour of social time together.
  • – Meetup #3 @ 1:15pm: Meet at the bottom of an advanced chair for some whole family rat packing the steeps, bumps, and trees.
  • – Meetup #4 @ 4:30pm to 5:30pm: Meet at the bottom of the resort near the lodge (specific locations to be determined!) for a wind-down chat session and hang out.

Exact times, dates, and locations vary for each Family Ski Day location.
Click here to view specific details for each Family Ski Day we have planned. And also be sure to connect with us on Instagram as we’ll be posting live updates throughout the day.

Outside of your lift ticket and skiing gear, perhaps bring your spouse? Some children? Your friends? Besides that, a passion for skiing or learning to ski better, a cheerful heart, and a joyful attitude are also helpful! To learn more about Family Ski Days, click here

To browse our list of upcoming Family Ski Days and save your spot, click here

Right now, the math is less important to us than the concept! We really want to make an impact on the ski industry and on a multitude of families. If you’re a skier or a family inspired to pick up skiing or get back into skiing please, let us know on Instagram so we can give you a shout out! 

If you represent an outdoor skiing brand, company, or ski resort, let’s connect! We’re now accepting inquiries for key sponsors and strategic partners who want to radically impact the world of family skiing. Get in touch so we can explore ways that our family can create massive value for you! Email us at 

Some people think skiing heroes are made up of Olympic ski racers, extreme skiers, and the stars of Warren Miller films. And don’t get us wrong… We love these guys just as much as anybody else! But we believe the true heroes of skiing are the Moms and Dads who load the whole family into the SUV and head for the slopes, eager to share adventures and build lasting memories with their children. As The Big Ski Family, we represent the modern day family that loves to ski together. A father, a mother, and a child (or 11) who understand just how powerful shared experiences are.

One Mama, one Daddy, and 11 babies (born one at a time) all but one delivered at home the good old fashioned way.

Our oldest, Kathryn Joy, is married to our amazing son in law, Elisha. Together they have our 18-month-old grandson, Leon, welcomed baby sister, Lucy, into the world in Spring of 2018, and are anticipating baby #3 in July of 2019.

Kyla Cheri, our second oldest, married our amazing son in law, Adam, on December 14th of 2018.